Windows 10 IoT Fall Creators Update Is A Thing

While most of the attention these past couple of weeks had been focused on the Fall Creators Update for the desktop OS, Windows 10 IoT was also in line to receive this refresh.

And it just has.

Microsoft detailed this latest update for the Internet of Things version of its operating system, confirming that this new release gives IoT developers the necessary tools to put together the pieces and technologies needed to make a full solution.

Fancy way of saying that there are improvements across the board, pun always intended.

Windows 10 IoT Editions

Richer .NET API surface for UWP apps is the highlight, and this can be used to either build Universal Windows Platform applications using C# or Visual Basic or easily port existing code and libraries.

Inking support has also made the cut, and compatible hardware now supports simultaneous pen and touch inputs. Improved Assigned Access makes it possible for users to run multiple UWP and Win32 applications in a locked down atmosphere.

User mode bus access on Windows 10 IoT Enterprise is now a reality, just like Windows 10 IoT Core, and this enables the interaction of the Internet of Things hardware with other hardware in the physical world.

And finally, language capabilities have also been updated.

You can find out the full details at the link above, which also lists a number of enhancements for IoT point of sale solutions. Overall there’s a lot to like here, and the platform certainly seems to be coming of age with each new update.

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