Windows 10 Lays The Smack Down On Windows 7, XP

It’s that time of the month again! The one where we take a look at how the Windows ecosystem is doing. More importantly, the performance of Windows 10, and whether it is growing.

Good to know, then, that Microsoft’s latest is in a good run of form on its third year on the market.

Statistics unleashed by NetMarketShare indicate that Windows 10 had a good July, recording a notable increase in market share last month — something to the tune of 0.83%, which is a very good showing, all things considered.

It reached highs of 27.63% at the expense of Windows 7 and Windows XP, both of which recorded declines in usage in this timespan.

The world’s most popular desktop OS, had figures of 48.91% to its name. And thanks to the dramatic declines in the market share of Windows XP, Windows 8.1 has now ended up in third place, with a user base of 6.48% compared to the 6.10% of the retired operating system.

Apparently, Windows 10 drew notable benefits from the Creators Update, which the software titan very recently confirmed is now available for all systems that support it.

At the very least, this is a night and sky difference from the 0.02% increase Windows 10 posted in June.

Equally worth noting is the fact that Windows XP is now dropping quick, most likely as a result of the very threatening WannaCry and Petya ransomware attacks that have comprised many of these older systems in use.

Overall, not a bad start to the month.


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