Windows 10 Loses Market Share To macOS

macOS Catalina

Mac strikes back? The macOS platform has held steady through the years, though every now and then it creates a little stir in the standings. Like, say, just now, where it has made a pretty big leap.

At the expense of Windows 10, no less.

Microsoft’s latest and greatest lost market share in April 2020, with the Apple operating system the clear benefit from this decline. This, according to the data from NetMarketShare, which tallied the desktop OS market share for this particular month.

NetMarketShare OS April 2020

And the numbers indicate that Windows 10 actually saw a dip from 57.34% to 56.08%.

At the same time, macOS actually improved its share from 3.41% to 4.15%.

NetMarketShare OS April 2020

Now, one can pin this to the new MacBook units that Apple recently released in the wild, but only to an extent. The overall increase is pretty substantial, which signals that something big may have happened. Perhaps some large companies made the switch from Windows to macOS for their workforce?

Speaking of switch, Windows 7 users are staying pretty firm, and are not switching to Windows 10 as fast as Microsoft may have hoped.

The retired OS declined to the lows of 25.59%, as it no longer receives updates and security patches.

Long way to go to touch the Windows XP numbers, which still lingers on at 1.32%, more than 6 years after its retirement.

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