Windows 10 Mail app concept is better than the real deal

Windows 10 Mail App Concept

Good things happen when imagination runs wild. Someone has created an improved design of the Windows 10 Mail app. It is a lot less cluttered, bringing along a more minimalistic look.

The OS comes with a built-in application to handle emails.

In theory, this should be the ideal client for most users. But in practice, the default Windows 10 Mail app leaves a lot to be desired — not only in terms of looks and features but also when it comes to performance, stability, and overall reliability.

Not only is the Mail app painfully slow to load, it also sometimes fails to retrieve new email, even if you manually check for new messages.

This is the reason why Outlook, Thunderbird, and other alternatives remain in high demand.

The only way to fix that is to go in with a complete refresh of the Windows 10 Mail app, rethinking the application not only in terms of features but usability as well. At the very least, a refresh of its design and UI would be very much welcome.

Which is exactly what someone on Reddit has done.

Windows 10 Mail App Concept

A new concept published there is supposed to improve the Mail app in terms of looks.

And truth be told, this redesigned application looks better overall. A case can be made that a design like this might make juggling multiple accounts at the same time a challenge, but all things considered, this can be improved.

Which is not something that can be readily said for the default Windows 10 Mail app that often gets left behind when it comes to updates. Even with Windows 10 set to receive a new feature update next month, no big changes for the built-in Mail app are included this time.

A shame, honestly.

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