Windows 10 May 2020 Update Breaks The DISM Tool

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The update that can’t catch a break? Not quite. But there are a few problems with the latest version of Windows 10, which is now flying off servers as the May 2020 Update.

We have been keeping a tally, and unfortunately, it’s growing!

One of the newest issues that has popped up concerns the DISM tool in the operating system. You may not be familiar with this little utility — for good reason.

This is primarily designed for network administrators to prepare, modify, and repair system images.

You know, things like the Windows Recovery Environment, Windows Setup, and Windows PE (WinPE). However, anyone can use the tool to fix any common problem with their system related to the hidden recovery image on their computer.


That said, one tool that you may be familiar with is the System File Checker, which rolls around as SFC. It basically scans and verifies versions of all the protected system files. The primary different between the two tools is that SFC is fairly lightweight, with limitations, while DISM is a more capable heavyweight.

It is, after all, one the commands that tries to fix the system the right way, when thing get wonky.

The only problem is that it itself has gotten wonky!

Word on the street is that Windows 10 version 2004 breaks the very tool that keeps it together. The DISM command tool reports incorrect corruption status. As in, it might report that corruption is still present even when it has been repaired.

The fix for this issue is to run the same command multiple times until it renders the correct status. You can also verify that DISM has fixed issues in Windows 10 by using the /ScanHealth command.

Microsoft is on it, as usual.

The company has confirmed that it plans to address these DISM issues with a cumulative update sometime this month, June 2020.

Seeing as DISM is one of the best ways to address issues with Windows Update on Windows 10, and that it takes far longer to complete if corruption is found during the scan of the image, let’s hope that the cumulative update fix that Microsoft has promised arrives soon.

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