Windows 10 Mobile Build 15245 Graces The Fast Ring

Windows 10 Mobile build 15245 is now out in the open, some 16 days after the Fast ring of the company’s mobile preview program saw action.

This new entry comes alongside the Windows 10 build 16275 for PCS.

Sadly, if you were expecting any new features to be part of this version, then prepare to be disappointed. Build 15240 that was released to the Slow ring earlier this week is the one that bore gifts of new features.

That said, as the company notes, there is a range of new fixes and improvements in this version:

  • This build also includes all the improvements from KB4034674.
  • We fixed an issue where the MTP service would sometimes crash when you disconnected your phone while a file transfer is in progress.
  • We fixed a spin loop that was occasionally triggered by deleting a VPN profile.
  • We fixed an issue where apps which call into the firewall (such as Microsoft Edge) have the potential of becoming deadlocked and the app hangs until you reboot your phone.
  • We fixed an issue in the routing engine used by apps like Maps where the initial direction was always set to North which could result in unnecessary route segments.
  • We fixed an issue where Silverlight apps that use GPS would either not start or crash.
  • We fixed an issue where a non-default Messaging app (e.g. Skype) would crash with an Access Denied error when changing Download messages settings.
  • We fixed an issue where the new Privacy Consent popup would block loading of apps which used the activity detection and pedometer sensors.
  • We fixed an issue where turning on/off Reset Protection could cause the phone to reboot.

We’ll take it.

No known issues listed in this version.

But that’s not surprising, keeping in view the fact that Microsoft has stopped listing them in changelogs and release notes. There is almost a 100% chance that this build comes with a problem or two, which will be fixed in time.

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