Windows 10 Mobile Builds Aren’t Going Anywhere

Microsoft may have slowed things down for Windows 10 Mobile, but even though users should not expect any new hardware from Redmond soon, the company plans to keep on with the Insider program.

Which is to say, new builds of the mobile OS will keep on coming.

Even after the release of the Fall Creators Update.

Brandon LeBlanc of Microsoft confirmed this on Twitter earlier this month, where he was joined by Joe Belfiore. Both company officials revealed that the software titan aims to continue supporting the mobile operating system with bug fixes and security updates.

However, new features and hardware for the platform are no longer the focus.

So, basically, Windows 10 Mobile builds will be shipped to Insiders that are enrolled in the program, but don’t expect too much excitement in terms of what they bring — most of the time they will be full of bug fixes and improvements here and there.

Maybe some performance enhancements, if we are lucky.

New features will rarely be provided. And even if they are, the focus will be on enterprise additions, and not something for end users. Which makes Windows 10 Mobile less appealing for consumers, but then again, this is the way the wind has been blowing lately.

We just have a confirmation that the Insider program will continue for Windows 10 Mobile.

And nothing else.

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