Windows 10 Mobile Nears Its End

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The end of Windows 10 Mobile just got a step closer, as Microsoft has killed off one of the last versions of the mobile operating system. Only a matter of time then, as the saying goes.

Despite the software titan keeping its mobile OS alive with security patches here and there, the platform itself has been abandoned as a whole for several months.

In fact, the Redmond based company readily recommends users to switch from Windows 10 Mobile to either of the two dominating mobile platforms, Android or iOS. More so, as it has been hard at work making all of its apps and services available on these two.

Nevertheless, the recently released June 2019 Patch Tuesday rollout marked the last update cycle for Windows 10 Mobile version 1703, which you may know as the Creators Update. Moving forward, only devices that run Windows 10 Mobile version 1709 continue to get security updates.

This is what Microsoft had to say on this:

“Windows 10 Mobile, version 1703, reached end of service on June 11, 2019. Devices running Windows 10 Mobile and Windows 10 Mobile Enterprise will no longer receive monthly security and quality updates that contain protection from the latest security threats. To continue receiving security and quality updates, Microsoft recommends updating to the latest version of Windows 10.”

It’s a goner, alright!

Of course, you may be wondering just how many users actually have access to version 1709 of the mobile operating system? Statistics from the Windows Phone ecosystem show that only a few handsets are running this version, a mere handful.

As things stand, the full demise of Windows 10 Mobile is only a matter of time.

Microsoft will stop servicing version 1709 in December 2019, this being the last one that still gets updates. Windows 10 Mobile will cease to exist beyond this date, meaning Microsoft will finally be able to leave behind what is truly and undoubtedly its biggest failed product.

What a ride this has been.

What an absolute ride.

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