Windows 10 November 2019 Update In The House

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Lowkey? Regardless, the big day is here, folks! Microsoft has released Windows 10 2019 November 2019 Update to seekers, meaning if you want to get this newest version of the OS, you can now.

The official kick off comes as no surprise, since today is Patch Tuesday, which is usually when Microsoft initiates rollouts of new versions of Windows 10 these days.

Also known by a few different names like version 1909, 19H2, and Vanadium, this latest release may be low on new features, but it is not short on additions — the Redmond giant has packed in select performance improvements, enterprise features and quality enhancements.

The company detailed the launch in elaborate fashion, so be sure to give this blog post a read.

Seekers, in case you are wondering, mean users that opt to install this new version. Similar to what the case was with version 1903, these users will see the option to download and install this new version after they check for updates on their systems.

Otherwise, Microsoft will gradually make version 1909 available to users.

But what’s really interesting is how this latest release will be deployed on computers. Users who are already are running Windows 1903 will find 1909 to be a small and minimally obtrusive update, with fast install times.

Those on older versions of Windows 10, however, like version 1803 or 1809, will find that this new version acts more like a traditional feature update in terms of size and amount of time that is required to install it.

More importantly, though, it ticks up the support duration for the OS.

This latest update will be supported for 18 months on consumer SKUs of Windows 10, and for 30 months for those rocking Windows 10 Enterprise or Education. Which is handy, as version 1803 is now no longer supported as of today.

That said, Microsoft is also said to be tinkering with a change in cadence as far as updates to the OS are concerned. Although the company has not committed to this change, it now plans to provide with a major update in the spring and a minor update in the fall that focuses on stability and reliability.

Version 1909 is the first implementation of this new plan, with the software titan wanting to make sure it works out well before officially committing.

Why not find out yourself, by installing this new update?

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