Windows 10 November 2019 Update Install Base Hits 36.4%

AdDuplex May 2020

No better time than now to let out these numbers, what with the May 2020 Update about to fly off servers today. In the meantime, AdDuplex is here with its latest survey of Windows 10 PCs.

The report is based on data from 90,000 computers.

And the number show that the while the May 2019 Update still leads the charts with 48.2%, the November 2019 Update is not too far off. In the month of May, it was found to be powering some 36.4% of the computers, up 3% since last month.

AdDuplex May 2020

Let’s see how much of a mark the upcoming May 2020 Update is able to make here, and how fast.

AdDuplex May 2020

Speaking of fast, things are not moving too quick for the Surface Pro X, the company’s ARM-based device that now has a 0.99% market share overall. Even the brand-new Surface Go 2 is above it, with no less than a 1.02% share.

Overall, the Surface Go has now officially become the second most used Surface device at 13.8%.

AdDuplex May 2020

This puts it within touching distance of the most popular one, Surface Pro 4 at 16.55%. Other highlights include the Surface Laptop 3, with 2.61%, now beating the Surface Laptop 2, which has figures of 2.54% to its name.

Worth a mention that these numbers from the advertising network are solely based on the devices that run AdDuplex ads. That is to say, they do not necessarily paint an accurate picture of the Windows and Surface ecosystem.

But they are the most interesting statistics we have, since Microsoft does not share specific details.

Other than facts like, you know, 1 billion devices running Windows 10, and all that good stuff.

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