Windows 10 Now Powers Around Half Of All PCs

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A momentous occasion, albeit one that came quite a while later than Microsoft expected. Four years later, Windows 10 is now about to reach another big, huge milestone.

Just as another variant of the OS is starting to slide.

Windows 7.

Microsoft still has a few hundred million devices to go before the newest version of its operating system finally extends it reach to 1 billion systems. But there is no doubt that it will get there, whether it takes a year or two.

Right now, at the start of August, though, we have new intelligence from NetApplications that confirm the scent of Windows 10 towards powering half of the PC market. The chat below shows a distinct fork in usage between the two platforms.

NetApplications OS July 2019

It occurred somewhere between February and March of this year. Before then, both versions of the OS held steady at around 40% market share for several months.

Only after did the market share trends went in decidedly different directions, with Windows 7 taking a notable dip in July. If this continues in August, we could be in for more good time, with regards to Windows 10 adoption.

The gap is sizeable now, with Windows 10 now having 48.86% to its name, while Windows 7 being listed at 31.83% this month.

It’s easy to explain why this shift is taking place.

Windows 7 is fast approaching its 10-year anniversary, and that means Microsoft is all set to discontinue support for this old version. That will happen on January 14, 2020, which means we are in the homestretch — users and companies making their moves to upgrade to a newer OS.

What about you guys?

Are you still running Windows 7? Do you have upgrade plans in place for Windows 10 before the end of support deadline arrives early next year?

Sound off in the comments!

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