The Windows 10 Phone app now supports file drag-and-drop on Samsung devices

Samsung Phones

Samsung phones are getting an exclusive feature in Windows 10 – the ability to drag-and-drop files between devices.

The new feature was detailed by Microsoft in a post on the Microsoft Community Forums (via MSPowerUser), and it’s pretty much what you’d expect.

To use it, you’ll need to have a Samsung phone and version 1.5 or higher of Link to Windows, the Samsung-integrated variant of the Your Phone Companion app.

The process is relatively simple.

You’ll need to open the Phone screen section of the Your Phone app on your PC, and then select files using Samsung’s Gallery app or the My Files app (third-party file managers aren’t supported) by long-pressing on them, then drag them where you want to place them on the PC.

You can also send files from your PC to your phone by simply dragging them into the Your Phone window, and they will automatically save to the downloads folder on your phone.

If you have opened an app on your phone that supports it, you can change the storage location for files that you transfer from your PC.

File drag-and-drop supports any kind of file, and you can transfer up 100 files at a time, so long as they’re smaller than 512MB each.

You can not drag and drop folders, however. The feature also only supports one transfer operation at a time.

What do you think about this feature?

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