Windows 10 Pro To Get Windows Defender Application Guard

WDAG. Microsoft has confirmed that it is bringing the enterprise focused security feature to its main platform, with the reveal that Windows 10 Pro users will get access to the Windows Defender Application Guard.

The idea is to make the OS even more secure than it already is.

Part of the upcoming Redstone 4 update, groundwork for this feature was visible in the recently released Windows 10 build 17063 that was made available yesterday. It will become available to everyone once the RTM version of this operating system ships in the spring of 2018.

Microsoft says that this particular improvement is based on user feedback, as many Windows 10 Pro users requested WDAG to be added to this variant of the OS.

As noted:

“You spoke, and we listened. Microsoft is bringing Windows Defender Application Guard to Windows 10 Professional in the next feature update of Windows 10. Now, like Windows 10 Enterprise users, Windows 10 Pro Users can navigate the Internet in Application Guard knowing their systems are protected from even the most sophisticated browser attacks.”


If you’re unaware of what WDAG is, this is a feature that protects computers against targeted threats using the Hyper-V virtualization technology. It is this very technology that has helped Edge become the world’s most secure web browser.

Good development, this.

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