Windows 10 Records Major Drop, As Linux Gains Big

A new month, and a new batch of statistics. The big news in September is that despite Microsoft’s sustained push, Windows 10 actually recoded its biggest drop in a long time last month.

And to make matters worse, Linux, the vial operating system posted its most substantial market share increase in the last twelve months.

These numbers come from NetMarketShare, revealing that August 2017 saw Microsoft’s operating platform decline to 90.70%, down from 91.45% the month before. This 0.75% drop is pretty much the biggest decline Windows recoded since April 2016.

Back then its market share went down from 90.45% to 88.77%, making for a 1.68% dip.

Here’s the chart that paints the picture:

What’s particularly surprising about this performance is that it comes at a time when the Redmond based software company has completed the rollout of Windows 10 Creators Update. It is also readying the Fall Creators Update that is officially on track to launch on October 17.

Speaking of rivals, macOS has continued its decline as Linux adoption rose to record high levels. It solidified its position as the preferred choice of users that are stepping away from Windows, with the open source OS improving its share from 2.53% to 3.37% last month.

Linux appears to be the preferred choice for users who are stepping away from Windows, as Apple macOS declined in August from 6.02% to 5.94%.

This impressive growth experienced by Linux is all the more notable as it jumped from less than 2% to 3.37%. Back in May, Linux was running on just 1.99% of the desktop computers in the world.

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