Windows 10 Redstone 4 To Come With Swift Pair

Swift Pair, another new feature in Windows 10 Redstone 4, has been detailed. The next major upgrade to the operating system that is expected to be finalized in March.

And although we’ve heard about this before, we now have confirmation from a very reliable source on how it will work and what it will be called.

A regular Microsoft watcher with a good track record on company insights has revealed that the new streamlined pairing experience for Bluetooth may be called Swift Pair. That said, the software titan is still yet to officially confirm the name.

Here you go:

This seamless Bluetooth pairing feature has already been introduced in Windows 10 build 17093 for Insiders in the Fast ring of the program.

And is expected to be one of the highlights of Redstone 4.

Bluetooth Notification

Essentially, it will make the experience of pairing Bluetooth devices with the OS much smoother, by eliminating the unnecessary steps on a Windows 10 powered device. Users will only be required to put their peripheral in pairing mode, and the system will automatically detect and start the pairing process.

As the image above shows, a Connect option will be provided via a notification.

But no further steps will be required, and Windows 10 will also display a notification once the accessory is no longer detected.

Good stuff.

Now, lets just wait for Microsoft to confirm and make it official.

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