Windows 10 Redstone 5 Build 17639 Is High On Sets

Tons of them! Microsoft has released a fresh new Windows 10 preview version, going by the name of build 17639, which comes with a slew of exciting features and options.

This is part of Redstone 5, and available in the Skip Ahead channel of the Windows Insider Program.

As Redmond details, most of the new additions have got something to do with Sets, a feature of the operating system that actually began life in Redstone 4. The company probably felt it needed more time to refine this, hence it was delayed.

Build 17639 Previous Tabs

It is now taking feedback on this feature, and refining it based on that. But what this basically means is that this Redstone 5 build is packed with a wave of improvements for Sets.

Build 17639 Open In New Tab

You can check out the full details in the blog post above, but basically you now have the ability to drag and drop app tabs within and between Sets windows. Tabs are also now bubbled up when pressing the Alt + Tab keys.

Build 17639 Sets

And in fact, the Settings app also offers a few new options for refining Sets in Windows 10.

Build 17639 File Explorer

We also have a number of improvements for Sets in the File Explorer, and Microsoft now offers new context menu options for tabs in Sets including move to new windows and close tabs to the right — all stuff that is available on most tabbed web browsers these days.

But welcome, no less.

Build 17639 Close Tabs

Also included are improvements to Previous Tabs.

Build 17639 Bluetooth

Moving beyond, we also have some enhancements to Bluetooth settings and some backend changes in the Calculator app. For the former we get the ability to see battery percentages, while the latter now recognizes perfect square roots.

Thank heavens for that!

Of course, with development of Redstone 5 only starting to pick up, and this version being some six months away from release, we can expect the software giant to not only refine these features that are already part of the platform but also launch new ones.

You can expect the next such builds to come packing with new additions.

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