Windows 10 Servicing Model Is Now Completely Changed

July 28, 2017

Microsoft has made a few important changes to the Windows 10 servicing model, changes that the company describes as making Windows as a Service simplified and more aligned.

The big deal, basically, is that this new servicing model makes it easier for everyone to have an idea, and know what to expect from major updates for the operating system. It also simplifies the process of preparing for end of servicing for older releases.

To that end, the software titan has pushed the Windows 10 Creators Update as the first Semi Annual Channel Release, fancy name that.

And the company will soon replace it with the Fall Creators Update Release in a couple of months.

This video explains it all:

This latest development follows the shift towards semi-annual releases for Windows 10 and Office 365 ProPlus that Redmond initiated earlier this year. And while major releases every six month may appear as too demanding for most business users, Microsoft has a solution.

And it’s called the Windows Insider Program for Business.

The software titan advises corporate clients to start with targeted deployments to validate the app, devices and infrastructure used by the organization work well with the new release, and start broad deployment when that validation is complete.

All said and done, things are now moving in the fast lane in the world of Windows, even for business users of the platform.

What do you make of these changes to Windows as a Service? See them as a good thing for the enterprise, or would a yearly cycle, somehow, made more sense?

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