Windows 10 Spring Creators Update Has Reached RTM

Or so they say. The latest version of Microsoft’s OS has reached a significant milestone, with buzz among the bees claiming that the Windows 10 Spring Creators Update has reached RTM.

Release to manufacturing, in other words.

This basically signals the end of new features being added to this version, with it now being considered feature complete as far as development is concerned. The coming days and weeks will be spent on optimizing the refining this version.

Which has, so far, been going under the codename Redstone 4.

This report cites unnamed sources, and claims that Microsoft has internally signed off build 17133 as the RTM version of what is the fourth major update for the operating system. What this means is that this is the Windows 10 build that will be preloaded on new devices by hardware manufacturers.

It is also the one that the general public will be receiving as an update.

Redmond is also expected to flight this RTM build to users on April 10.

However, like most major updates to the OS, it will take quite some time before everyone gets access to these final bits. The software titan likes to spend time gathering deployment data for new versions in order to ensure that users don’t run into problems during installation.

It releases it first to Insiders on the Fast, Slow and Release Preview rings, and so on.

Long story short, the company has finished the majority of development work on the Spring Creators Update. Microsoft will now make Redstone 4 available to all users in due time, while also accelerating focus and development work on what’s next for the platform.

That is, Redstone 5.

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