Windows 10 Start Menu May Get A Side Pane Soon

And it’s coming to a PC near you! Looks like Microsoft is planning some new features for the Windows 10 Start Menu, with refinements already out in the open for this highly used element of the OS.

Refinements that can be tested in the newly released Redstone 6 preview build of the operating system.

Or, well, version 19H1, what have you.

Basically, Redmond seems to be testing opening the side pane of the Start Menu on mouse hover, with no click necessary to get access to information like pictures, documents or the power options. Pretty good option, but one that can get a bit annoying when triggered by accident.

Anyway, this neatly provided GIF shows what all the fuss is about:

Start Menu Side Pane


Build 18204, the first of the Skip Ahead channel preview versions, is the one that contains this new addition. However, not all Insiders have access to it, as Microsoft tests it out and gauge public opinion in the process.

Only a small number of testers have access to this right now.

Hopefully, if it comes to fruition, the software titan allows users the choice between the existing behavior of the Start Menu and this fancy new one, so as to avoid negative feedback from people that are used to using their devices one way.

In any case, this much is clear that the company is interested in subtle tweaks to the operating system like this, as it amps up work on Redstone 6.

Still in its early days, this major update for Windows 10 is projected to be finalized in the spring of 2019.

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