Windows 10 Timeline Coming To The Web?

There is evidence of a new Timeline implementation, folks. Looks like Microsoft is gearing up to bring this useful Windows 10 feature to another handy location.

The web, of all things.

Redmond has been working to expand its shiny new Timeline feature to more devices and places. It started with Windows 10 machines, but soon went beyond — expanding to mobile devices via the ability to sync data with Android handsets.

Basically, Microsoft Edge and Microsoft Launcher on that platform can now have their browser tabs shared between PCs and phones to allow you to continue from where you left off.

But it looks like the company is looking further ahead.

Regular Microsoft watcher WalkingCat came across what is labeled Windows Timeline Web View running on Azure that may serve as the foundation for a web-based version of the Timeline feature launching in the near future.

No intel on how this new option might work, but Timeline on the web may offer new capabilities to users, including perhaps the ability to restore certain snapshots of their activities on new devices.

That is all speculation at this point, but there really is no limit to how Microsoft could make this work.

If it is, indeed, planning to make Timeline go beyond Windows 10.

As of right now, the feature allows users of the OS to create snapshots of their activities, including the apps, documents and browser tabs they were running, and restore them within the next 30 days on compatible devices.

No surprises, then, that Timeline has become an essential feature for many.

And if this latest development is something to go by, the upcoming release of Windows 10 19H1 may be the perfect opportunity for Microsoft to release new improvements in this regard.

We shall find out soon enough.

Soon enough.

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