Windows 10 Turns Two, What’s Your View?

July 31, 2017

So, something absolutely magical happened couple of days back! Windows 10 celebrated its second birthday this past Saturday, what with Microsoft having launched the OS on July 29, 2015.

Feels like yesterday, that launch!

Microsoft officially unveiled Windows 10, and in a surprise and totally unexpected move gave the operating system away for free to Windows 7 and Windows 8.1 users, provided they installed the upgrade within the first year. This tactic played a huge role in making the modern platform a success.

And here we are, some 500 million users later, and growing.

This, according to third-party market share data, gives Windows 10 a 26.8% market share, as Windows 7 continues to lead with a solid 49.04% chunk of the market. Windows XP, the third most used OS on the desktop, is at 6.94%.

Of course, numbers are on thing, and features are another. And Microsoft’s latest and greatest continues to deliver on that front, too.

Redmond has already released two major updates for Windows 10 since its July 2015 launch. These being the Anniversary Update and the Creators Update. A smaller one also made an appearance, going by the rather odd name of November Update.

As of this writing, Microsoft is giving the final touches to the third major refresh of the operating platform, called the Fall Creators Update, or Redstone 3, its codename.

Teams at Redmond are currently running the final Bug Bash — with Windows Insiders helping to iron out bugs and issues with the OS — as it gears up for this next major refresh, project to be ready sometimes in September.

And although growth has slowed down for Microsoft, with the company admitting that it will not be able to bring Windows 10 running on a billion devices within the first three years, the important thing is to keep adding in, and improving, the feature set of its flagship operating platform.

With features like the Universal Windows Platform (UWP) apps, a new iteration of the Start menu, Edge, the new default web browser, Cortana, the digital personal assistant, DirectX 12 for improved gaming, as well as the range of small and large improvements to security and usability, Windows 10 is doing fine.

Mighty fine.

So then, onto the big question. How do you see these first two years for Windows 10? And is the OS flying in the right direction, or should Microsoft increase focus in certain areas? Do tell.

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