Windows 10 Twice As Safe As Windows 7

Microsoft never wastes a chance talking about just how secure its latest OS is, but another study has revealed that Windows 10 is pretty much twice as safe as Windows 7.

For home users, that is.

Redmond claims that its newest operating system is the most secure version of Windows to date, and this security report (PDF file) published by Webroot very much agrees with this notion. It analyzed malware infections affecting the OS in 2017.

And found that the number of malware files detected last year declined versus what they found in 2016.

Windows Versions Malware

In terms of statistics, we have numbers like 15% of the malware samples detected on Windows 10, while some 63% of them were specifically aimed at Windows 7.

On average, there were 0.04 malware files per Windows 10 device, while on Windows 7 this figure doubled at 0.08.

This table below does a good job illustrating this.

What’s interesting, but not surprising, is that there is more malware aimed at home users

Webroot says that the difference here is even bigger — Windows 10 is twice as safe as Windows 7, with the occurrence of malware coming in at 0.07, 0.16 and .17 on Windows 10, Windows 7 and Windows XP, respectively.

Of course, with Windows 10 adoption increasing, and Windows 7 losing ground, there is a substantial decline in malware infection rates on Windows systems.

Which certainly is something that Microsoft will be pleased with, as it works towards making its operating system as secure as it can be.

Good going, Redmond.

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