Windows 10 Update Has Broken File Explorer

Windows 10 broken file explorer


And users are not too impressed.

The update released in November 209 isn’t a major one and it’s no big deal – unless it’s broken your File Explorer.

Some users have found that, since updating, File Explorer has started to crash. The program, designed to give you easy access to your file locations, is causing no end of problems. Users took to the Microsoft Community Forum to vent their anger, with some saying the search box cursor is taking an age to appear and others saying they can’t copy and paste to the search box anymore. One user, stevecramer2, said, “Exact same issue here and windows build. Windows file explorer is a mess. Even here in this window, I can’t cut/paste/move a single thing.”

So far, despite the many complaints and reports, Microsoft has not even acknowledged that an issue with File Explorer exists. And that means no official fix, which won’t make users very happy.

You can roll back to an earlier Windows 10 version if the issue seriously affects your day-to-day work while we wait for something from the Redmond company.

Apart from the issue with Explorer,  the November 2019 update, version 1909, makes no real changes to the system and was supposed to have been launched quietly and gone unnoticed. Not much chance of that when just about every update Microsoft launches seems to break something!

Not so long back, users struggled to install part of that update, the part that fixed serious flaws with both Internet Explorer and Edge. Previous to that, another update caused some laptops to boot down, showing the dreaded Blue Screen of Death.

Microsoft is going to have to work harder at clearing up these errors otherwise they might just find that user defect to macOS or even to Chrome OS, Google’s very own operating system.


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