Windows 10 Update Error 80072EFE – Here’s How To Fix it

The error can stop you from downloading updates to your Windows system.

It is a common error covering all versions of Windows and the primary cause is an interruption in the connection between the Windows servers and your computer. Right now, although the error is not a new one, to date a fix has not been issued.

If it affects you, you may see one of these messages:

  • ERROR_INTERNET_CONNECTION_ABORTED – The connection with the server has been terminated.
  • WININET_E_CONNECTION_ABORTED – The connection with the server was terminated abnormally
  • ERROR_WINHTTP_CONNECTION_ABORTED – The connection with the server was terminated abnormally.

Here’s How To Fix it

If you get one of the above errors, first off, don’t do anything. Leave things be for 10 or 15 minutes and then restart your computer. Reset your router and try the update again. If you still get the message, try these steps:

  1. Check Your Internet Connection

Windows updates require an internet connection; If you are working offline, you might not spot that your connection was broken while the update is downloading. To check, try other websites and try another internet connection.

  1. For Now, Stop Your Antivirus from Scanning Catroot2 and SoftwareDistribution Folders

Some anti-virus programs, regardless of how well-known they are, will flag up a genuine file or program as a virus or some form of malware. If your software checks and flags files in the SoftwareDistribution and Cat2 folders as a threat, Windows will not update. Whitelist both folders in your anti-virus so this cannot happen in the future.

  1. Temporarily Disable Your Anti-Virus and Firewall

One or both of these may stop the Windows update and kick out the error. Disable both, try the update again and then re-enable them when the update has been successful.

  1. Delete the Catroot2 Folder

Windows update package signatures are stored in this folder, making it incredibly important. If any of those signatures becomes corrupted, it could cause the error. Delete the Cat2 folder, update Windows and it will begin a new folder, storing the new signatures.

To delete the folder:

  • Press Win+R and the Run window opens
  • Type services.msc and press Enter
  • Look for Cryptographic Service in the list that loads and double-click it
  • The properties open, click Stop and then OK
  • Now open File Explorer and go to C:\Windows\System32
  • Right-click the Catroot2 folder and click Delete
  • Next, go back to the Cryptographic Service and click Start
  • Click OK.

Have another go at updating Windows, it should work.

  1. Run Network Adaptor Troubleshooter

Even if your internet is working OK, there may be other network issues preventing the update. To run the troubleshooter:

  • Click on Start and open Settings
  • Click Updates and Security -> Troubleshoot
  • Click on Network Adaptor Troubleshoot and run it

Restart the system and try the update again.

If not, try the last step:

  1. Run the Windows Updates Troubleshooter

This is another powerful tool, and it will check for any possible windows update problems and fix it if it can. Here’s how to open it:

  • Follow the steps above to open the Troubleshoot menu
  • Choose and run Windows Update Troubleshooter
  • Restart your computer when it’s finished

Hopefully, one of these will fix the error message on your computer.

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