Windows 10 Users Can Now Stream Netflix In HDR

Finally! Netflix has just announced that Windows 10 users now have the ability to stream the service in high dynamic range, and this news comes about a year after support for 4K for the platform.

HDR, if you are not aware, is a video technology that results in better contrast and color, and Netflix was one of the first streaming providers to offer support for this fledgling new format — which has seen much great acceptance this year.

Of course, Netflix has offered support for both 4K and HDR on the Xbox One family of gaming consoles for some time. It is only now that the company is bringing it to Windows 10.

For better or for worse, the requirements for HDR are the same as they are for 4K.

Which is to say, users are limited to either using the Edge web browser, or the UWP app that is available on the Microsoft Store. These extend to hardware, too, as users are required to have a newer PC, one that houses the 7th generation Intel Kaby Lake processors or newer.

And finally, they will need to be on the Windows 10 Fall Creators Update or newer version of the OS.

Netflix has not mentioned anything regarding compatibility with AMD chips, or even the new Qualcomm powered PCs that are making their way out to store shelves now. But little chance of HDR being made available for these two hardware platforms now — not when the company is yet to even mention them.

Nevertheless, while HDR is available on Netflix, it is basically limited to the original content that the company produces. Some 200 hours of HDR entertainment is said to be available, including shows like Stranger Things 2, Chef’s Table.

And the movie called Bright, which stars Will Smith.

Oh well.

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