Windows 10 Version 1803 To Bring Progressive Web Apps

Full support for, thereof. Apps have always been one area where Microsoft platforms have been found lacking, but with the arrival of Progressive Web Apps, the company plans to change things up.

Details of this change that the software titan is implementing emerged recently.

During the Microsoft Edge Summit, a week ago.

Basically, as Microsoft MVP Ryan Hayes revealed, Redmond will now crawl the web looking for reputable progressive web apps to fill its store in the coming months. In fact, the Microsoft Edge team confirmed this themselves:

While further disclosing that the company’s newest collaborative messaging software, Teams, will be one of the first PWAs that will be available in the store.

And now we have another confirmation of what promises to be one of the biggest features of the next update for Windows 10 coming this spring, and known as Version 1803. The hybrid apps. Insiders will, obviously, get access to these earlier than that.

The plan is to make these apps serve as an alternative to the native apps on the Windows 10.

They will actually be more than simple web app wrapped in a container. For starters, these will be more elaborate apps that will have the ability to work across a variety of devices including phones, gaming consoles, and mixed reality headsets.

And will run over HTTPs, be able to work offline, and send you push notifications.

At the end of the day, they will look and behave very much like native UWP applications, meaning Windows 10 users should not see any difference. Case in point the Microsoft Teams app that makes full use of the technology.

But PWAs have been a bit of a highlight for Chromebook users who have grown used to them. And now Windows 10 and Windows 10 S users will have something similar to play with, too.

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