Windows 10 View 3D App Is Now Known As Mixed Reality Viewer

There’s good news, and there’s bad news! Bad news first. The View 3D app is no longer supported on Windows 10 Mobile, meaning the mobile platform is losing out on another high-profile application.

But on the flipside, Microsoft has been adding a lot of new features to its creative little solution.

Going so far as to renaming it completely.

The Windows 10 View 3D app has been rebranded to Mixed Reality Viewer, and a copy has, as a matter of pure fact, leaked out. If you’re not familiar with this application, it basically allows everyone to easily open 3D models inside of Windows.

Part of the Paint 3D and Remix 3D set of solutions, this app is a prominent fixture in the Fall Creators Update, and actually comes preinstalled in this upcoming version of the operating system.

But Microsoft is already looking ahead to improving it in the Redstone 4 update.

As reported by an Italian blog, its new name just went live for Insiders that chose to Skip Ahead, and a copy of this update app is actually available for installation right now. If you’re into these sorts of things, and testing prerelease software.

Anyway, the company updated the version of this new application to 2.1708.30142.0, and added in a whole bunch of user interface and general improvements.

Here’s how it currently looks:

In terms of improvements, you are looking at a small 3D cube when loading the app and its contents, along with a new logo, the same one that was used for uploads previously. All controls have now been placed high up top, like information, virtual camera, and full screen display.

When shooting mixed reality photographs, the All-In-Camera and Timer icons are now positioned at the bottom left, while the timer itself works properly now.

And finally, reducing the size of the window will automatically group the controls under the Other with 3D category. A few other corrections and general improvements complete the deal with this version.

What is not known right now is whether Microsoft will stick with this name.

The company already backtracked for Story Remix, which was the new name of the Windows 10 Photos app. Guess we shall find out soon enough.

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