Windows 10X Inspired Concept Brings A Whole New Look

Windows 10X Concept

It only took a little time, and we have a Windows 10X inspired concept that absolutely brings it. It brings it in the form of a new look and Start Menu to the Windows 10 platform.

Windows 10X has everyone excited about the future of the operating system once again.

Designed exclusively for dual screen devices, this flavor of Windows is set to bring some major changes to the platform in lieu of new features — many of which are neatly inspired by modern operating systems like Android and iOS.

This concept is also neatly inspired by Windows 10X, and gives the regular version of the OS a fancy cover of this new one.

Take a look:

The concept has a few Acrylic effect thrown in alongside a bunch of Fluent Design elements. There is also a brilliant new Start Menu concept that draws similarities to the one that Microsoft is set to introduce with Windows 10X.

There is also a new splash screen for apps like the Weather app.

You can also find a video of this concept here on the Twitter account of the designer, which does a good job of further highlighting what this design is all about.

Overall not to dissimilar to a few of the more recent concept designs that have been floating up lately, which could be a hint that Microsoft may implement a few design elements from Windows 10X platform over to the main platform.

How do you see it?

Would you like Microsoft to port over some of these elements? Or how about a dedicated new theme for Windows 10 that is inspired in full from the Windows 10X platform? One that you could switch to whenever you want.

Let’s hear it.

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