Windows 10X is delayed, again

March 18, 2021
Windows 10X Start

Oh boy, here we go again! You’d have to think really hard to name an OS that had more to deal with than Windows 10X. Just when things were coming together, the anticipated operating system is delayed once again.

This, according to a report by Zac Bowden of Windows Central.

The fresh new operating platform was first announced in October of 2019, as an OS for dual-screen devices. Microsoft even released some emulators that are still available for download, with the last one being released in March 2020.

That launch was followed by the news in May of that year that Windows 10X was delayed. And not just delayed, but the OS was being repurposed for entry-level single-screen PCs. Fast forward to today, and the technology world was anticipating the arrival of Windows 10X in spring, with all new devices.

But apparently, that’s not happening.

Instead, Windows 10X should be finalized some time this spring, with new hardware only slated to ship in the second half of the year. A delay for the single-screen version of Windows 10X also means that the dual-screen version is further delayed — these types of devices are very much on the back burner now.

What’s even more concerning is that every delay to Windows 10X also seriously impacts the development of Windows 10, which has been getting minor updates recently.

Windows 10 version 21H2 is supposed to be a major update to the OS, codenamed Sun Valley. It is supposed to bring along UI and design changes, as well as support for Android apps via Project Latte. There is also the little deal of Windows on ARM PCs finally getting x64 emulation.

A Windows 10X delay could result in all these features being pushed back.

It’s a rocky road, alright.

Hopefully, we get some official details from Microsoft on this. The software titan has been awfully mum on Windows 10X, with zero updates on this new platform and what it aims to do with it. If there is a time to release a statement, that time is now.

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