Windows 10X Leak Hints At Android Like Features

Windows 10X

Windows 10X, the alternate version of the OS that Microsoft is developing for future portable devices, was a pleasant surprise for the user base when it was officially unveiled earlier this month.

At the company’s hardware event that also saw it show off the upcoming Surface Neo, a dual-screen machine that is powered by this operating system, and one that features abilities like applications transitioning and spanning across two screens.

And while Microsoft gave use a good enough tease, this new leak provides much more details.

For starters, this OS is envisioned as a mix of Windows and Android — at least in how it blends desktop and mobile concepts. Microsoft has modified most Windows 10 elements to work with a mobile device, including the lock screen, taskbar, and the home screen.

For example, the new taskbar will include at least one recently opened app, while the quick settings will house a bunch of buttons for WiFi, Bluetooth, and more.

Quite similar to Android.

Taking more things from the Android playbook, Microsoft has put up a search bar at the top, and an app drawer below it. The app drawer is designed to be highly customizable in terms of creating folders or removing applications. A recommended section will reside at the bottom to provide suggestions.

On the security side of things, the OS will take the users directly to password authentication instead of the lock curtain that is the norm from Windows 10. Face recognition and PIN entry, will be available as unlocking options.

Basically, Microsoft is planning to play ball as close to Android as possible here.

Worth a mention here is that this operating system is not designed to be exclusive to dual-screen devices. The idea is to combines elements from the traditional Windows 10 with the touch-friendly mobile platforms of today to make for a modern experience.

And speaking of exclusivity, the document further notes that Windows 10X will not be exclusive to tablets or laptops. Instead, the software titan is open to bring this OS to more devices and form factors in the future.

Surface Neo is expected to be finalized sometimes in 2020, meaning there still is some time before this new version of the Windows becomes a thing.

So, there you go, a better look at what the Redmond based company is cooking.


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