Windows 10X Sports A New Voice Control System

Voice Control

What trickery is this! Microsoft has a good thing going with Cortana, its voice based digital assistant, but it appears that the upcoming Windows 10X will come with a new voice control system.

One that the company seems to be working on currently.

According to this report, Redmond is currently seeking engineers that would help create a new voice control feature for Windows 10X, the new operating system that heralds a radical new direction for the platform.

Obviously, we do not have much to go in terms of details here.

Other than the fact that this is a new application that will be separate from Cortana at first. We may see an integration between the two, and if that happens it may provide a bit of a boost to the voice assistant that has lagged behind rivals like Apple Siri and Google Assistant.

The job ad reads:

“Since this is a new application, the number of coding challenges is high: taking advantage of conceptual services for voice command and control, identifying interesting components in the context of the application, interacting with the entire desktop, interacting with 10X OS in new ways within the scope of security and integrity.”

Microsoft could also develop this new voice control system as an accessibility feature aimed at dual screen and foldable devices, meaning this could be another direction for the platform.

We’ll simply have to wait and see.

Or hear.

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