Windows 10x will introduce Modern Standby as a feature

December 28, 2020
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Windows 10x will introduce Modern Standby as a feature.

Once traditional devices like laptops or desktops sleep, they typically take a while to restart and are truly dormant while “asleep”.

They typically aren’t performing background tasks like processing, emails, etc. Now while this may be a good thing for those of you who like true dormant privacy, this seems set to change in Windows 10x.

Windows 10 allegedly will come with ‘Modern Standby’ support, a special standby mode where your device will download data while it sleeps. In addition, Modern Standby will enable an instant-on, always-connected experience.

Microsoft seems to be updating older support documents with additional information on the next-gen operating system.

In a new update to a support document, Microsoft confirmed that it has added support for Modern Standby in Windows 10X.

Windows 10x Modern Standby mode

Most Windows Store apps (UWP and PWAs) can take full advantage of this feature in Windows 10X.

Programs like Outlook Mail, Calendar, Photos, OneDrive, etc will also be able to download large files including attachments when your device sleeps.

Modern Standby is basically a low-power idle state that will allow your device to stay up to date when it is connected to cellular or Wi-Fi connection. It will also bring instant-on, always-connected and on-the-go experience to Windows 10X PCs.

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