Windows 11 2022 Update takes gaming to the next level

September 20, 2022

Game on! The Windows 11 2022 Update is the newest kid on the block, with Microsoft just initiating the rollout of this first major update for its operating system a few hours back.

And though it brings along a bucketful of new features for everyone, the gaming additions are sure to delight those in the game.

More so, if you are PC gamer that has a penchant for windowed gaming or are more at home playing with a controller than a keyboard and mouse combo. That’s because there are a bunch of new upgrades in this version that are sure to please you.

The headline feature in the 2022 Update is something called the Controller Bar, which is essentially a popup bar that delivers you a list of your most recently played games and launchers.

If you have an Xbox controller plugged in, you only need to hit the Xbox button to bring this up.

Xbox Controller Bar

Microsoft has also packed in improvements to the windowed gaming experience for older games in this release. These are titles that make use of DirectX 10 and DirectX 11 APIs.

These games will receive what the company calls dramatically improved latency, Auto HDR, and variable refresh rate (VRR). Previously, these features were only available if you went full screen. Should come in handy for those that want to play an older game windowed with Discord or OBS alongside.

And then we also have DirectStorage, destined to arrive sometime soon. The technology was set to be released with Forespoken, but this title getting delayed to next year also pushed it back.

Combine these with all the gaming enhancements reserved for the Edge web browser plus the magic with Xbox cloud game streaming, and the Windows platform has further solidified its credentials as the best gaming platform around.

Can’t ask for more!

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