Windows 11 22H2 runs like magic on a 12 years old system

October 17, 2022

Call it magic, call it true! Windows 11 22H2 is officially in town, with Microsoft having released its first feature update for its newest operating system with the usual fanfare.

And with not too many bugs to worry about, the company has now sped up the rollout.

Everyone is invited, as long as they meet the system requirements in place for the OS. Redmond is taking care to make sure this update becomes available to users that are using a compatible system. That is to say, machines powered by a supported CPU and security hardware onboard.

Interestingly, back in June, the software titan actually begun offering the 22H2 upgrade to users on an unsupported system. However, it quickly cited this as a bug and pulled it down.

But that’s not deterring users that are still rocking these old machines.

As a Reddit user found out to their absolute delight, their antique machine with an Intel Core i5-580M chip worked fine and dandy on the Windows 11 2022 Update. This, as you may be aware, is a very dated 2-core, 4-thread processor that Intel released all the way back in 2010.

And as you can see, it runs version 22H2 like a dream:

Windows 11 22H2 Old CPU

That’s not to suggest that the performance or security capabilities of this chip are up to the mark, but it is a clear indication that older hardware is perfectly capable of running Windows 11.

Older hardware that is shunned by Microsoft, mainly due to security related reasons.

Then again, this is something that even the company itself has been caught doing, running the OS on hardware that it does not officially support.

Of course, the user had to use a few tricks to make the latest version of the operating system play nice with their device. An app called Rufus was used to bypass the system requirements and disable TPM checks before installing the OS.

Microsoft may be in no mood to lower the system requirements officially, but third-party developers have picked up the tab without much fuss.

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