Windows 11 22H2 slows down to a crawl when copying large files

October 4, 2022

Performance degradation is never a pretty sight, more so when it involves copying large files. Unfortunately, this is exactly at play here with this latest issue in the newly released Windows 11 22H2.

Microsoft has officially confirmed this bug that is present in this latest version of its operating system, which thankfully is not a problem in the initial release of Windows 11. Meaning, if you are still rocking the vanilla OS, you will not encounter this.

So, what’s exactly the issue, you ask?

Well, this post on the Tech Community forums has Ned Pyle, Principle Program Manager in the Windows Server engineering group, has sharing the details.

Users are warned about performance degradation when copying large files from a remote computer to a system running the latest version of Windows 11. Apparently, massive slowdowns are experienced by the users who are copying files in this fashion.

The throughput is up to 40% lower due to the presence of this bug in the Window 11 2022 Update.

Interestingly, the bug is not exclusive to SMB. That is to say, users might notice performance dips even when copying local files. SMB, of course, being the Server Message Block network file sharing protocol that comes in play when moving files.

While Microsoft is busying investigating the issue and figuring out a fix, affected customers can in the meantime use robocopy or xcopy commands with the /j parameter to restore the lost performance.

Expect to hear more from the company on this bug.

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