Windows 11 Android apps support expands to 31 countries

September 22, 2022

Getting there! Microsoft is now ready to give more users access to the Amazon Appstore, essentially opening up the possibility for them to run Android apps on Windows 11.

The launch of the Windows 11 2022 Update was the perfect opportunity for expansion, and that is exactly what the company has done.

It has announced that it is bringing Android applications support to users in 31 countries, which is a substantial increase from the initial testing exclusively in the United States that was recently expanded to Japan.

Users in these countries will be able to enjoy more than 20,000 Android apps and games, with the software titan taking steps to make discovering them even simpler.

Microsoft claims that the preview phase generated much interest from customers as well as developers, with users excited to see their favorite Android apps natively supported on their Windows devices. Even considering the fact that the OS does not support Google Play Store and its services.

And this is why the company is working round the clock to not only expand the availability of the Amazon Appstore but also engage with developers to ensure that all apps run properly on Windows 11, while improving performance along the way.

The words:

“The Windows Subsystem for Android™ (WSA) continues to get better each month thanks to developer feedback. In the latest release, you will enjoy 2-3 times faster graphic performance with hardware acceleration, DRM video support, improved input handling across touch, mouse and keyboard, and several network and security improvements.”

You can scan the current list of countries where the Amazon Appstore Preview is available here.

A range of countries and regions are on the list, including markets like Austria, Belgium, France, Germany, Italy, Monaco, Spain, Switzerland, and United Kingdom.

Hopefully, the next step is worldwide availability.

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