Windows 11 Beta channel builds even split the fixes

September 1, 2022

Can we fix it? Yes, we can! Twice! That seems to be motto over at Redmond this week, as the two Beta channel builds this week are all about fixes and nothing else much.

This is odd seeing as the whole point of splitting the Beta channel and releasing two builds in concurrently was to test all the new additions in one specific build. One build comes with new features enabled, other comes disabled.

Confusingly, Microsoft seems to have taken this approach with the fixes this time — the fixes in both these new versions of the preview are also split between the two builds.

You can locate the official blog post here.

And it has Microsoft talking about what these two new builds, namely build 22621.590 and build 22622.590 (KB5017846) come packing. Build 22622 was supposed to receive new features, but since these releases are all about fixes, they are split between both these releases.

Not evenly, of course.

Windows 11 build 22622.590 is the one that comes with the majority of fixes, including an issue where the Control Panel failed to launch from the Start Menu, Search, or if it was pinned to the Taskbar in the previous flight.

Redmond has also disabled the ability to share a local file directly to OneDrive using the built-in Windows share feature that it recently rolled out to Insiders.

This is also the case with the latest Dev channel release, Windows 11 build 25193, so no surprises here!

Moving beyond, we have several fixes for the good old Taskbar, including one where the overflow flyout now follows your accent color like the rest of the Taskbar. The company also took care of a number of issues that could lead to sporadic explorer.exe crashes.

There are only a couple of fixes for both build 22621.590 and build 22622.590, including one minor one that affects Robocopy.

Wrapping things up, there are a few known issues that you might want to be aware of. The first of which is rather severe in the sense that audio stopped working altogether for some users. Other niggles include the inability to open File Explorer and a problem where command bar items are not enabled.

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