Windows 11 build 25169 adds new multi-app kiosk mode

July 28, 2022

Microsoft has released a new Windows 11 build in the Dev channel, and build 25169 comes packing a few new additions to go with the usual dose of bug fixes and known issues.

This one is still from the Sun Valley 2 development branch, as Sun Valley 3 development is said to have been canceled. Known as Windows 11 23H2, Microsoft seems to be pondering releasing a new major version of Windows 11 once every three years.

So, for this reason, the Dev channel is now sticking with version 22H2, which will eventually release sometime in 2023 — most likely under the Windows 11 23H2 version naming.

Anyway, the announcement post outlines what’s new in build 25169.

Starting with a new lockdown feature that goes by as Multi-App Kiosk Mode. It allows IT administrators to select a set of allowable apps that users can run on the device, while all other functionalities of the system are blocked.

This new option enables you to create multiple different apps and access configurations for different user types, all on a single device.

In terms of customizations, you can either limit access to Settings, even drill down to make selected pages like Wi-Fi and screen brightness an exception. It is also possible to lock down the Start Menu to show only allowed apps.

Likewise, it is possible to block toasts and popups that lead to unwanted UI.

This new mode is ideal for scenarios in which multiple people need to use the same device — ranging from frontline workers and retail to education and test tasking.

Pretty well thought out addition, this. It can currently be enabled using PowerShell and WMI Bridge, with support for Intune/MDM and provisioning package configuration coming soon.

Moving on, there are changes on how IT admins enroll devices in the Windows diagnostic data processor configuration.

Build 25169 Spotlight Themes

Plus, also have the ability to enable Windows Spotlight on the desktop via a brand-new Windows Spotlight theme now included in the latest build. You can also make your own custom themes with rotating images in Windows Spotlight, too.

The Windows Security app version is now displayed in Windows Security settings under About.

That about covers the main new additions in this build 25169. The rest of the blog post is all about the fixes that Microsoft has included in this new version of the preview, as well as a few known issues.

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