Windows 11 Moment 1 update has launched

October 18, 2022

The big moment is here! Or, you can say, the first moment is here! We are now officially living the moment, as Microsoft has made the Moment 1 update for Window 11 available to all.

This arrival of this minor new update follows the launch of the major 2022 Update for the OS and coincides with the launch of the same for the now rather old Windows 10.

Essentially, think of this as a batch of new features for the operating system that the company promised would become available after necessary testing by Insider. And there were signs that the software titan was ready to roll this out.

And in case you are wondering, this is the same update that has been in preview since July, having been available via Windows Insider channels for testing.

As for what’s new in this welcome new update, well, many of the additions are highlighted in this video from Microsoft that showcases the features:

We finally have the tabbed File Explorer and an improved and updated favorites section that allows you to pin the most used files. Tabs, of course, lets you open folders in tabs and have fewer windows open.

Tabbed File Explorer

Another neat little addition is that of Suggested Actions that improves collaboration and productivity by detecting phone numbers and future dates in text and then suggesting actions in related apps like Calendar, Teams, Skype, and Phone Link.

Suggested Actions

There’s the handy Taskbar Overflow feature that makes apps that do not fit the taskbar appear in a new overflow menu, similar to how things are in the notification area.

Taskbar Overflow

You can also, finally, right-click to launch the Task Manager from the taskbar.

Task Manager Right-Click

We also have improved sharing, where Microsoft has enhanced the Windows Share experience to let the OS detect more discoverable devices nearby directly from the desktop, and apps like File Explorer, Photos, and Xbox.

Windows 11 now also supports around 50,000 Android apps in 31 countries via the Amazon Appstore.

Amazon Appstore

A redesigned Photos apps is also in.

Photos App

Worth a mention that some of these features are not yet available for everyone, with these additions set to arrive later this month. But overall, we have a lot of welcome new features.

Microsoft is also working on another batch of improvements for Windows 11 that it recently announced. These include a native screen recorder, iCloud integration in the Photos app, and several Apple services.

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