Windows 11 now lets you change wallpapers on all desktops at once

September 12, 2022

Thank heavens! Those of you who frequently use virtual desktops on Windows 11 will be pleased to know that Microsoft has finally added a very useful feature in the OS.

One that lets you change the wallpaper for all your desktops at once.

Like magic!

Prior to this change, the operating allowed changing the wallpaper only for the current desktop. This meant that all other desktops that you had created were left with the previous one.

Swapping the desktop background on these virtual desktops became a rather tedious chore due to this missing functionality. And not just that, the lack of this feature also crippled wallpaper apps available on the platform, like the recently updated WinDynamicDesktop.

These programs had to rely on unsupported and unstable APIs to sync wallpapers across virtual desktops.

Not fun, as you might imagine!

But thanks to the discovery of a hidden feature in the latest Windows 11 Dev Channel release — that being build 25197 — this capability has quietly been baked into the operating system. To the delight of countless users, one may make a case.

They can now change the desktop background on all their virtual desktops simultaneously.

Strangely, this is another change that Microsoft has not mentioned in the release notes for build 25197. This means that this addition is one of several others that has been unearthed by the community with on formal introduction by the Windows maker.

Luckily, it appears that this change is available for all users as long as they hop on this latest update. No A/B testing on this one, for some curious reason.

Worth a mention that the option to set a different wallpaper per desktop is still here, meaning users can easily have different backgrounds for each of their virtual desktops.

Perfect time to plug in that stylish Windows 365 art that Microsoft has made available as wallpapers.

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