Windows 11 Snipping Tool now automatically saves screenshots

September 30, 2022

Snip, snip! The fresh new Snipping Tool in Windows 11 was one of the first new additions that we got wind of, with this new and optimized release helping users of the new OS quickly and easily take screenshots.

Though it seems that Microsoft spent a bit of time fixing it soon after launch.

But now it appears that the company is ready to roll out some new features and options for this highly used utility in the operating system.

Alongside rolling out Windows 11 build 25211 to the Dev channel, the company has baked in a nifty improvement in the Snipping Tool that is well worth highlighting. In fact, the Redmond giant has done so in the announcement post itself right towards the end.

Basically, this new build comes with this new iteration of the Snipping Tool, version 11.2209.2.0 to be specific. And the big deal in this new release is that it allows the application to automatically save any screenshot you take.

Snipping Tool Autosave

Prior to this new addition, each time you took a screenshot, you would have to click the good old floppy disk icon in the app and then select the path and name of the file that you wanted to save.

This, as you can imagine, interrupted the workflow of people that take a lot of screenshots. And to make their lives easier, Microsoft is now allowing the Snipping Tool to automatically save content. Now, these screenshots will be quietly collected in the Pictures > Screenshots directory.

Interestingly, this is now the default behavior of the app, though you can change the settings to revert to the process of manually saving screenshots if you so desire.

Do note that since this is a Dev channel feature, there is no guarantee that this autosave capability will make it to the general release version of Windows 11. Or, even to the legacy app in Windows 10.

But while this feature making the cut in the new OS is a good bet, it seems unlikely that Microsoft will add these capabilities in the older version.

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