Windows 11 usage continues to increase, says Microsoft

July 28, 2022

Seems like all is well on the PC front! It would have been news otherwise, don’t you think? Microsoft says that the monthly usage of its Windows 11 operating system is continuously increasing.

Despite changing trends in the PC market.

The total sales are still over pre-pandemic level, which is an astonishing testament to the fact that the world have embraced PCs and other such devices once again. There was a time, not too long ago, when smartphones and tablets ruled the roost.

Of course, Microsoft is one of the companies that is benefiting from this solid demand for computers.

CEO Satya Nadella praised this during the company’s latest earnings call, which saw the software titan report some $51.9 billion in revenue during FY22 Q4.

His words:

“Despite a changing market for PCs during the quarter, we continue to see more PCs shipped than pre-pandemic, and are taking share. And we are seeing higher monthly usage of Windows 11 applications, with increased time spent across creative work, collaboration, gaming, media, and writing code, as people rely on the PC for its unique productivity capabilities, rich interactive experiences, and to stay connected.”

At the same time, Nadella also praised the adoption of Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365, especially when comparing their results with where they stood the same quarter a year before.

Nadella said:

“We’re transforming how Windows is experienced and managed with Azure Virtual Desktop and Windows 365. Azure Virtual Desktop monthly active usage increased nearly 60 percent year-over-year. One year in, we’ve seen strong adoption of Windows 365 from organizations in every industry – from Hamburg Commercial Bank and Kyndryl, to the LEGO Group and Schroders – as they use Cloud PCs to rapidly onboard new and temporary employees, and speed M&A integration, while reducing IT costs.”

He Microsoft CEO finished it off by praising Edge, and the momentum this fairly new web browser is picking up lately. Not just on Windows, but also other platforms where it is available like macOS, Linux, iOS, and Android.

Daily content consumption across Start in categories like weather, finance, and sports increased 80% since the services were launched one year ago. Same goes for Edge, as it continues to gain share with consumer using its built-in coupon and price comparison features to save money.

Pretty solid showing, all said and done!

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