Windows 12 Concept: Embracing Choice and Familiarity in the Next OS Evolution

July 17, 2023

Microsoft has yet to announce the name of its upcoming major Windows update officially, but it’s no secret that the company is actively working on significant changes to its operating system.

Windows Insiders now have access to the Canary Channel, which allows Microsoft to test new features and updates for this upcoming release.

While the tech world eagerly awaits an official word on “Windows 12,” enthusiasts and fans are already imagining what they hope to see in the next iteration.

One such vision comes from designer and YouTuber Addy Visual, who recently shared a concept video showcasing an amalgamation of user-requested features and innovative ideas.

Windows 12 Concept Video

Conceptualizing the Next Start Menu

Addy Visual’s concept video introduces a fresh take on the Start menu, combining elements from Windows 11 and Windows 10.

While adopting Windows 11’s aesthetic appeal, the concept retains the functional aspects of Windows 10, such as the prominent display of the All Programs list. Additionally, the Start menu incorporates widgets, allowing users to access these interactive elements within the menu itself.

Revamping the Taskbar

The concept video also breathes new life into the taskbar, introducing dynamic elements that display relevant information and notifications. Users can now interact with the taskbar to summon widgets, which can then be placed directly onto the desktop. This fluid integration between the taskbar and widgets provides a more versatile and efficient user experience.

Prioritizing User Choice

Throughout the video, the underlying theme is the importance of user choice. Many users expressed dissatisfaction when Microsoft removed various options while transitioning from Windows 10 to Windows 11. In stark contrast, Addy Visual’s concept embraces choices, allowing users to have either a separate taskbar or one that spans across the entire screen, depending on their preference. This emphasis on customization seeks to cater to individual needs and preferences.

Welcome Return of App Groups

A particularly well-received feature from Windows 10, App Groups make a comeback in the concept video. This reintroduction would delight users who found great utility in organizing their apps more efficiently. Additionally, the video explores similar functionalities available on smartphones and tablets, highlighting the potential for cross-platform integration.

Redesigned File Explorer and Innovative Features

The concept video also delves into a redesigned File Explorer, aiming to enhance the user experience when navigating and managing files. Furthermore, the video introduces several innovative features, promising exciting possibilities for Windows users.

The Reality of Designing an Operating System

While Addy Visual’s concept video presents an inspiring vision of the future, it’s crucial to recognize the immense effort required to create an operating system with functional and cohesive moving parts.

Designing an OS involves extensive work, coding, and rigorous testing.

Microsoft cannot merely drag and drop elements to effect changes; rather, each alteration must be meticulously evaluated to ensure smooth functionality, usability, and backward compatibility.


As the tech community awaits official updates on Microsoft’s next major Windows version, enthusiasts and designers like Addy Visual offer inspiring conceptual glimpses into what the future could hold.

Emphasizing choice and familiarity, this Windows 12 concept seeks to address user feedback and demands while introducing innovative features.

However, it’s essential to remember that the process of creating a new operating system is a complex one, requiring careful consideration of various factors to deliver a seamless and user-friendly experience.

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