Windows 12 FAQ – Frequently Asked Questions

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Welcome to the Windows 12 FAQ page. On this page, we provide answers to frequently asked questions about Microsoft’s upcoming Operating System.


It might be surprising, but Windows 11 is now over two years old, having received several updates during this time. With Windows 11 version 22H2 in 2022 and multiple Moment updates throughout 2023, the focus is now shifting towards the anticipated release of Windows 12 in 2024.

While Microsoft officially maintains its commitment to annual updates and smaller feature updates for Windows 11, reports and hints from hardware partners suggest the likelihood of a Windows 12 release shortly.

So, what can users expect from the next iteration?

When will Windows 12 be released?

Reports indicate that the next major version, Windows 12, is expected to launch in 2024, approximately three years after the introduction of Windows 11. Although the release timing might align with the fall or the latter half of the year, Microsoft has not officially confirmed the development of Windows 12, leaving room for speculation.

Windows Insider Program participants may gradually witness Windows 12 features in the Canary channel, although they will likely be labeled as Windows 11 features until closer to the official release date.

Will Windows 12 be a free upgrade?

While Microsoft has not officially announced Windows 12, it is unlikely that users will have to pay for an upgrade. Microsoft has been offering major Windows updates for free to existing users for several years, and this trend is expected to continue. However, Windows 12 itself may not be free for users without an existing Windows license.

Despite some reports suggesting a possible subscription service for Windows 12, Microsoft has denied such plans. Users should not expect recurring fees for using Windows 12, and purchasing a license will be required for those without an existing Windows 10 or 11 license.

Will I be forced to upgrade?

The likelihood of users being forced to upgrade is low. Microsoft has shifted its approach to updates, making Windows 11 an optional update for Windows 10 users.

New versions of Windows may become mandatory only when the existing version reaches the end of its support period. However, Microsoft continues to deliver security updates for older versions, allowing users to remain on Windows 10 until its support ends in October 2025.

Can my PC run Windows 12?

Considering the elevated system requirements introduced with Windows 11, the compatibility of older PCs with Windows 12 is uncertain.

While specific requirements are unclear, it is anticipated that Windows 12 may continue to demand a certain level of hardware, similar to Windows 11. The exact specifications, such as RAM and storage, will likely align with or exceed those of Windows 11.

What’s new in Windows 12?

Details about Windows 12 features are still scarce, but leaks and reports offer insights into potential updates. A new desktop UI prototype has been inadvertently showcased, featuring a floating taskbar and system icons at the top of the screen, resembling other operating systems.

Reports also suggest a more modular design called CorePC, allowing customization for devices with different form factors. Faster updates through state separation and increased integration of AI features, such as content recognition and improved Copilot capabilities, are expected.

The exclusion of support for 32-bit Arm apps and improved Arm optimization, live wallpapers, and a focus on seamless updates are some features users anticipate may be in Windows 12.

What we want to see in Windows 12

As users eagerly await Windows 12, there are specific improvements they hope to witness.

These include even more seamless updates, enhanced customization options for the Widgets board, improved Start menu customization, the introduction of live wallpapers, and a unified Settings and Control Panel.

Users also express a desire for universal tabs akin to the abandoned Sets feature, editable Snap Layouts, and a more straightforward process for uninstalling apps.


In conclusion, while Windows 12’s specifics remain uncertain, users can anticipate potential enhancements based on leaked information and desired improvements. As more details emerge over the next few years, updates will be provided on this FAQ page.

Stay tuned for the latest information on Windows 12. We will update this page as we know more.