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Windows 11 Guide

Welcome to our Windows 11 Guide Page.

Here you can learn more about Windows 11 and we walk you through the different aspects of the application. From installing Windows 11 to navigating through various parts of the OS, you can find all the relevant information here. Let’s get started…

Here are the sections of the Operating System carefully curated by section:

Windows 11 System

Windows 11 System icon

Display, Sound, Notifications and Actions, Focus Assist, Power and Sleep, Storage, Multitasking, Projecting to this PC, Shared Experiences, Clipboard, Remote Desktop

Windows 11 Devices

Windows 11 Devices icon

Bluetooth and Other Devices, Printers and Scanners, Cameras, Mouse, Typing, Pen and Windows Ink, Autoplay, USB

Windows 11 Phone

Windows 11 Phone icon


Windows 11 Network & Internet

Windows 11 Network & Internet icon

Status, Ethernet, Dial-Up, VPN, Airplane Mode, Mobile Hotspot, Proxy

Windows 11 Personalization

Windows 11 Personalization icon

Background, Colors, Lock Screen, Themes, Fonts, Start, Taskbar, Device usage

Windows 11 Apps

Windows 11 Apps icon

Apps and Features, Default Apps, Offline Maps, Apps for websites, Video Playback, Startup

Windows 11 Accounts

Windows 11 Accounts icon

Your info, Email & Accounts, Sign-in Options, Access Work or School, Family, and Other Users, Sync Your Settings

Windows 11 Time and Language

Windows 11 Time & Language icon

Date & Time, Region, Language, Speech

Windows 11 Gaming

Windows 11 Gaming icon

Xbox Game Bar, Captures, Game Mode, Xbox Networking

Windows 11 Accessibility

Windows 11 Accessibility icon


Display, Mouse pointer, Text Cursor, Magnifier, Color Filters, High Contrast, Narrator


Audio, Captions


Speech, Keyboard, Mouse, Eye control

Windows 11 Search

Windows 11 Search icon

Permissions & History, Searching Windows

Windows 11 Privacy

Windows 11 Privacy icon

Windows permissions

General, Speech, Inking and Typing Personalization, Diagnostics & feedback, Activity history

App permissions

Location, Microphone, Camera, Voice Activation, Notifications, Account info, Contacts, Calendar, Phone calls, Call history, Email, Tasks, Messaging, Radios, Other devices, Background apps, App diagnostics, Automatic file downloads, Documents, Downloads folder, Music library, Pictures, Video, File system, Screenshot borders, Screenshots and apps

Windows 11 Update & Security

Windows 11 Update & Security icon

Windows Update, Delivery Optimization, Windows Security, Backup, Troubleshoot, Recovery, Activation, Find my device, For developers, Windows Insider Program