Windows 12 Mobile concept video reimagines a Microsoft mobile Operating System

February 22, 2024
Windows 12 Mobile featured

Here’s an imaginative new video for those still fantasizing about a contemporary mobile operating system crafted by Microsoft.

Uploaded by AR 4789 on YouTube, the video creatively reimagines the recently unveiled Windows 12 concept, tailoring it for mobile devices with a smartphone-friendly user interface.

The creator is not new to conceptualizing Windows for mobile; they showcased a Windows 11 Mobile concept about a year earlier. This earlier attempt sought to blend Microsoft’s desktop OS features with smartphone functionality, resulting in an unusual fusion of Android style, iOS features, and various elements from Windows 11’s interface.

Although Windows 12 is not yet a reality, we have insights into Microsoft’s direction for its desktop OS and the user interface innovations it’s considering.

Concept artists have used these insights as inspiration, producing various imaginative and diverse interpretations of what the future generation of Windows, including its mobile version, might look like.

While we might anticipate a successor to Windows 11, possibly labeled Windows 12 or something similar, the revival of Windows Mobile seems unlikely in the near future.

Regrettably, these creative videos remain confined to concepts like a mobile-sized taskbar with features such as a Start menu button, Copilot, Task View, File Explorer, and Microsoft Store.

In today’s market, dominated by Android and iOS, even a $3 trillion company like Microsoft faces significant challenges competing with giants like Apple and Google. This was evident in the unsuccessful venture of the Android-based Surface Duo, which fell short of established brands like Samsung.

Microsoft’s focus has shifted from smartphone manufacturing to integrating AI into its products, even in unexpected places like Notepad.

It’s probably time to bid farewell to the dreams of a Windows Mobile comeback. Instead, it might be intriguing to envision concepts where Copilot is integrated into the most unexpected products and aspects of Windows.

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