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Master the new Windows 11 Operating System in Just 4 Hours Or Less!

Take your productivity and creativity to the next level with the most comprehensive Windows 11 Training on the market.Microsoft’s new operating system is designed to help you unlock your full potential—but only when you unlock its full potential.Master the new Windows 11 today—while keeping your data, apps, and privacy safe—with training from the leading online Windows 11 news and coaching source.

The hybrid work/play revolution is here – get more out of Windows 11!

Microsoft’s all-new Windows 11 is a modern, clean reimagining of Windows, designed for deep work, immersive entertainment, and hours of creativity. With a streamlined, more personal computing experience, it’s the ultimate tool for hybrid work and play.From snap layouts, multi-desktops, intuitive re-docking, and instant connection to your contacts, Windows 11 gives you full control of all your favorite apps—and the latest new ones—without compromising performance, security, or manageability.So you power through your workload—and stay up to date with news, friends, and entertainment—free from distractions or safety risks.

But, it’s only possible when you know how.

Whenever Microsoft releases a new operating system, there’s always a steep learning curve. And that learning curve means lost time getting to grips with the new system. Lost time that could be spent working, learning, or connecting with friends. All while putting your data, files, and security at risk as you work your way through the transition.

Windows 11 is no different. It’s Microsoft’s most comprehensive upgrade to date, completely reimagining the user experience. And with the new features and functionality feeling more in line with Mac OSX than a traditional Windows operating system, it’s also the steepest Windows learning curve to date.

And that’s why we created this Windows 11 Training package.

This training works for a diverse audience.

You might be a casual Windows user looking to upgrade your PC or a professional who wants to perform better at work.

Maybe you’re a student who wants more control over their hectic schedule, or a business owner who wants to train your staff and optimize the employee productivity experience.

Regardless of your situation or experience level, our Windows 11 Training course helps you maximize your potential, in minimal time.

The Ultimate Windows 11 Video Training Collection

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The Ultimate Windows 11 Video Training course is a collection of 65 online instructional videos we carefully crafted to help you understand Windows 11. You can log in and watch them on your phone, tablet, laptop or PC!

Our Windows 11 Training is the quickest, easiest way to master Windows 11.We designed this course to be an all-in-one, user-friendly instructional guide, eliminating the confusion and stress of upgrading your operating system—and without expensive IT fees.It covers everything you need to know about Windows 11, from the basic introduction and set-up, to mastering your applications, desktops, and connectivity by creating a personalized Windows experience.And, best of all, this is a completely self-paced course. With lifetime access to over four hours of learning, you can decide what to learn, and when, as many times as you like.

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What You’ll Learn about Windows 11

Introduction to Windows 11

Get started with a comprehensive introduction to Windows 11, and how to utilize the new Start Menu, Search Bar, and Taskbar with advanced control.

Tailor your settings

Learn how to tailor your Windows 11 settings to get you up and running in minimal time by understanding the Action Centre, Privacy Settings, Network Settings, Updates, and Security.

Get online

Obviously, you’ll want to get online—and quickly. This section walks you through your network settings, with training on ethernet settings, dial-up settings, VPN’s, mobile hotspots, airplane Mode, and lots more.

Personalize your experience

Personalize your PC to maximize your productivity. In this section, you’ll learn about changing background colors, lock screens, themes, fonts, device usage, and more…

Getting set up

Now you’re in, we walk you through the new OS, from understanding Windows 11’s new performance features, to setting up your user ID and logins.

Personalize your apps

Whether you’re working, playing, or connecting with friends, get the most from Windows 11 by tailoring your favorite apps, including Windows Media Player, Maps, One Drive, Photos, Paint, Netflix, and more.

Stay safe, stay secure

Keeping your PC secure is vital in today’s online world. In this section, we teach you how to stay safe online, while showing you how to back up your data, recover files, activate two-factor authentication, and more.

Keep your private files private

Stay safe—and work, play, and browse in private—by making the most of Windows permissions, App permissions, and controlling access to your microphones, cameras, phone calls, and internet history. 

Who We Designed this Course for

PC Users Looking to Upgrade

Thinking about upgrading your PC, your existing operating system, or just want to learn more about the benefits of Windows 11? This course is for you.

Business Owners

Looking to roll out Windows 11 to your staff? Use Windows 11 Training to get them onboarded with ease—reducing the learning curve, while improving efficiency.


There’s nothing more hectic than a busy exam schedule. If you need a new operating system to power your productivity, our Windows 11 Training helps you make the right choice.

IT Managers

Working on upgrading everyone’s PC’s, but need help getting up to speed with the new Windows? Look no further, Windows 11 Training shows you all the safety and implementation features you need.

Benefits Of This Course

Build a solid foundation of the basics

To fully appreciate the power of Windows 11, you need to understand the basics of how it works. This course provides that, and way more.

Learn actionable insights

Most online courses show you the ropes, but fail to deliver where it matters. Our training puts the power in your hands, so you can action every insight.

Follow a clear learning path

Effective learning requires clear structure. Make progress with Windows 11 by following our easy-to-follow learning path.

A step by step walkthrough

This isn’t a course you need to finish in a day. Our experts take you through all you need to know, step-by-step, so you learn at a pace that works for you.

65 knowledge filled bite-size videos

This is the most comprehensive Windows 11 on the market. So no more Googling around for answers. Get everything you need to know in one place.

24/7 access to expert support

Windows 11 Training gives you access to a team of trained experts, ready to answer any Windows 11 questions you may have with 48 hrs.

You Get Lifetime Access To The Content

Windows 11 Training will give you a rock-solid understanding of Windows 11, from the very basics through to advanced, personalized performance features.So whether you’re using Windows 11 for business or pleasure, you get a logically structured, easy to navigate course that walks you through the entire operating system.With over 4 hours of content, broken into 65 student-friendly, bite-sized videos (less than 5 minutes each!), you’ll never feel overwhelmed.For a limited time, get LIFETIME ACCESS to all 65 videos—and become a Windows 11 master— for just $19.95!

30 day guarantee

A 30 Day Guarantee – No Questions Asked!

We’re so sure you’ll enjoy our Windows 11 Training, that you’re getting a 30-Day Guarantee when you register today! 

This means that if you buy our training, watch the videos within 30 days and are not completely satisfied, contact us and you will receive a full refund for your payment. No questions asked!

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