Windows 7.5 Phone- All that you need to know

October 3, 2011

Hardware Although memory, camera, or display plays a role in determining the hardware capabilities of the device, a dual core CPU is a necessity if you are planning to run some resource consuming office applications on your phone. What is good? Mango has 384 MB RAM, 4GB minimum flash memory and a resolution of 800×480 and Qualcomm CPUs. Since this is the requirement in all Mango devices, application performance and end user expectations will remain consistent across all devices. What is bad? Dual core processors are not supported and hence 1080p videos cannot be played and in addition, the applications have to be designed effectively so that the processor is not bogged down with executing commands.   User Interface Metro user interface, which was already a part of Windows Phone 7, has been enhanced for Mango. The main screen is divided into two sections containing tiles and an area that allows the user to select applications. Metro icons are large to reveal relevant information and the app scrollbar allows the user to select and launch any application from the home screen. Multitasking capabilities Mango offers support for multitasking unless its predecessors. You can view and scroll through the list of all open applications through a card like interface. Like Android and Apple, Microsoft apps running on Mango get suspended if they remain inactive for a certain duration of time. This conserves processor resources and battery life. Mango has immensely improved in this department from being the worst to becoming one of the best. Facebook, twitter, Windows Live and E-mail integration is possible in Mango and you can view the latest updates made by your friends even as they happen. What is good? All the functionalities needed from a Facebook application are incorporated in the inbuilt Mango app and hence you need to search for third party Facebook integration tools. Contact management through People Hub enables you to create groups of users, family, co-workers etc. and as such all personal information is stored optimally. What is bad? Integration with Twitter is not so good. Email and Messenger Switching between SMS, email or Facebook has never been easier. Searching for messages and email is easier through the Conversation feature. Internet Access Bing maps that include voice based navigation, Bing search that can not only search for results on the internet but also on the device, Bing enabled location scouting that provides location based services, Bing Vision feature that offers more information about any product you desire, are some of the features that come along with internet access. Internet Explorer 9 comes equipped with GPU acceleration, HTML5, CSS3, SV, XHTML, JavaScript and DOM support. [caption id="attachment_64081" align="alignnone" width="590"]Figure 7: Office Figure 7: Office[/caption] Office Office365 and SkyDrive will give you something to think of. Word, Excel, PowerPoint and SharePoint have a myriad of new features that enable quick data processing with low resource usage. Conclusion Mango has mixed the best features of Android and iOS to present itself with a new user interface.  However, the real questions arises, with a large market already in place for Android and iOS, can Microsoft make their mark?]]>

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  • I wish there was a feature like : u plug ur windows phone in to pc or mac or tablet then u could use the os on thier. This will be handy because then u will have a larger keyboard on a tablet (bluethoot keyboard) on a laptop, pc ect. it will be easier to type because it s great that u have office on WP (windows phone) but u cannot do alot with that small keyboard.

    Owais_503 October 3, 2011 1:43 pm Reply

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