Windows 7, Chrome Lead US Charts In StatCounter Data

Market research firm StatCounter has just released its newest data for the month of February 2015, and the numbers offer absolutely nothing in terms of surprises.

The US market is all about Windows 7 and the Google Chrome web browser.

Both solutions lead the other products by a wide, wide margin.

Windows 7, for example, powers no less than 46.21% of desktop computers in the United States, and this is despite Microsoft’s best efforts to push the modern new Windows 8 to users and businesses on its home turf.

StatCounter US February 2015 OS

Interestingly (or maybe not), the second platform in this chart here is not a flavor of Windows, but actually the combined power of the various Mac versions.

Mac OS X apparently powers 17.17% of the computers in the US region.

Windows 8.1 is not far behind, though, with figures of 16.63%, while some 9.13% of users in the United States still run Windows XP — the popular version of the OS that was officially retired last year. That’s the operating systems story in the region.

But the browser story is equally engaging and enthralling.

At least, according to StatCounter.

StatCounter US February 2015 Browsers

Data shows that while some users have apparently stuck with the default Microsoft solution, Internet Explorer, a total of 40.27% of users in the United States have installed Google Chrome on their PCs. IE is not far behind, though, as it runs on 31.5% of desktop computers.

Firefox is, however, with only 16.47% of the chart to its name.

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