Windows 7 Is Another Reason Why Windows 8 Is Unsuccessful

Everybody Loves Raymond. Everybody also loves Windows 7. And according to one analyst, this is one of the reasons why many consumers are choosing to stay away from Microsoft’s newest operating system.

Oh well, you know the deal with analysts and market experts.

Forrester brain David Johnson thinks that Windows 7 already brings all the features most users and businesses need, hence transitioning to a new platform would only lead to additional costs.

He was talking to InformationWeek about the performance of Windows 8:

“Everyone seems to like Windows 7. Windows 8 is still perceived as complex, as requiring user training and app redevelopment.”

Windows 7 continues to be the number one operating system in the world in terms of market share, and while latest figures show Windows 8 is also slowly gaining acceptance, it only climbs a fraction every week. It is still a few leagues away from the doomed Windows Vista.

More importantly, the numbers don’t quite add up with the 60 million licenses sold figure Microsoft likes to flaunt — sure evidence that most buyers are yet to make the transition.

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